Award-Winning Golf Club & Cleat Cleaner :: One Year Warranty

No golf bag is complete without a Brush-Back club & cleat cleaner!

Brush-Backs have become a great gift for golf tournaments, corporate events, wedding parties, and many other notable occasions. 

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Unlike other golf accessories, Brush-Back™ is designed to withstand the rigors of many rounds of golf. The sturdy, all-steel housing protects the retractable 42" Dyneema® Cord, which unlike wire cable, will not unravel or fray. The wooden-handled brush fits comfortably in your hand and is angled so that the 100% brass bristles can most effectively clean any club head or cleat.

our sturdy steel swivel housing allows 2-sided custom messages

Customize your Brush-Back!

Our classic model ($19.95) features the Brush-Back logo on both front and back panels. For an additional $5, we will customize these panels so that they include a favorite logo, photograph, your name or short message.

Celebrate your special event with personalized Brush-Backs

Our product has become an extremely well-received gift for golf tournaments, corporate events, wedding parties, and many other notable occasions. You may also find golf club-specific versions in many of the country's most famous golf destinations.

Our online Customizer Tool!

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Go to "Our Products" in the main navigation. Click on the Personalized Brush-Back Product. Once you arrive on that page, have fun designing your one-of-a-kind Brush-Back!

What Brush-Back Fans are saying

Each year my golf club searches for a unique member-guest gift. Last year we found Brush-Back, by far the most popular and useful product ever!

Tournament Committee Chair

I have owned several tools that are similar to Brush-Back. Nothing compares to this product's sturdy construction. If anything should go wrong, they even offer a one-year guarantee!

Retiree and Everyday Player

For my regular foursome, I used Brush-Back's customization feature. Not only did I add my company logo, but I was also able to give one to every team member, complete with their name!

Avid Hacker and Business Owner

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